Saturday, 6 October 2007

Advertising Results with NLP

Hypnosis and advertising makes hypno therapy

Most of us have our favorite place to shop. We may have our favorite magazines, favorite clothes, or favorite food and drink. And we may think that this is purely our own choice. But what if this is because of advertising? Or more succinctly, our response to advertising?

Any message repeated over and over again has an effect. You hear the same message over and over again. And the advertisers spend a great deal of money repeating their message to us. Naturally, they would only do it because it works.

Anyone who has studied Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) knows how to develop positive hypnotic suggestions. The trick is in turning ordinary language into positive talk. And when you hear the same positive affirmations over and over again, they begin to have an effect. They may even have a profound effect on your thinking and general attitude to life. You may find yourself using these affirmations in your self-talk without even seeing it.

Since advertising works so well, then positive affirmations do work. It is just a matter of hearing that good message over time. You may start viewing life from a different perspective. You may feel calmer and more at ease with yourself. The world may seem like a better place.

Hypnotherapy is very popular because it helps make fast positive changes. To most seekers of hypnosis, its value seems to lie in the depth of the hypnosis. After all, we have all witnessed hypnotic TV shows where the participants walk around clucking like chickens and flapping their wings. And you may be surprised to find that it is the part that happens during hypnosis that activates the changes, rather than the act of deep relaxation.

We all know someone who is nice to be with. Perhaps this is a friend, colleague, or someone we do business with. This is someone that we can always depend on. He or she is always helpful, ready with a smile, and says nice things to us. Maybe you know a sales assistant who is like this, and you go out of your way to buy from them. Or perhaps you have a friend who is so positive, you always try to make time for them. This is because they have this way about them that makes you feel good.

And we all know people who always complain. In fact, they seem unhappy unless they are telling their latest tale of woe. And a lot of woe befalls them. And they talk about it even more. It can be depressing just listening to someone being so negative, even if they do not mean to. After a long, hard day, this is the last person you would wish to encounter. You may sometimes avoid them or even invent excuses why you cannot see them.

Given the choice, most of us would prefer to hear nice things and see our friends, associates, and loved ones smiling at us. When someone smiles at you, your normal instinct is to smile back. This is human nature.

A smile looks nice and makes you feel good inside. Imagine how good it would be if for a whole day, smiling was advertised on TV...


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